Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in our R&D department. We have our own fully-equipped laboratory validated for maximum precision, an investment most other e-liquid manufacturers do not bother with. It’s an expensive endeavor, but we feel it’s worth it to get the best quality product to our customers.

All raw materials are subjected to GC-MS & UPLC research to test for volatile organics, and ICP-MS research to test for heavy metals. Because we develop our flavors in-house, we run our tests on the pure raw materials rather than the final e-liquids, allowing us to find even the tiniest contaminations. This level of fidelity is simply impossible for most other producers.

Many times a chemical which is perfectly safe to eat may cause adverse health effects when inhaled (such as Diacetyl). This is why we use international standards of the occupational hazard for chemicals present in the air as our ultimate guide for determining the limits of chemicals we put into our products.

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