LIQUA 4S salt is not just another nicotine salt - it's a unique recipe that we were gradually improving over 5 years.

Safety First

We studied more than 30 nicotine salts to choose the best recipe.

Most salts on the market have dangerous STOT L1 for Eyes Damage. Others are highly unstable and irritate the digestive tract.

We are confident that our choice is by far the safest on the market. We have tested it internally and on the market for more than 5 years. Ritchy pioneers best practices for development, manufacturing, and quality check.

4S Nicotine Salt is the Proper Cigarette Substitute

It's impossible to make proper delivery of nicotine without nicotine salt. Salt needs to have properly balanced pH to have correct absorption.

The atomizer needs to be tuned for a proper peak of droplet size. Smokers need adjusted pairing of e-liquid and device power. The throat-hit vs nicotine delivery is the second most important factor. As usual, we spent a lot of time to ensure 2 years of product shelf-life.

We also achieved the lowest impact on taste performance in our nicotine salt.

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