Every atomizer in any electronic cigarette eventually needs a replacement. It’s consumable material, but there are ways of how you can prolong life and decrease expenses on atomizers.

LIQUA 4S Vinci atomizer is specially designed and made for the LIQUA 4S e-liquid. Different compatible atomizers might work but would have inferior performance. Different e-liquid might contain sugar or other chemicals that would damage the atomizer too fast and increase the toxicity of vapor.

Steps to find the solution:

  • Use only LIQUA 4S Vinci replacement atomizers and LIQUA 4S e-liquid.
  • Wait 5 minutes before the first use of a new atomizer after refill.
  • Ensure there is more than 20% of e-liquid in the pod before use.
  • Make 10 secs pause between puffs to let the atomizer cool down and re-supply liquid.
  • Don’t make too slow puffs - that is overheating an atomizer.
  • Reduce the puff duration to a few seconds.
  • Don’t press the button if you’re not making a puff.
  • Switch off the device by fast 5 clicks if you are transporting it.
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