While it’s not yet possible to completely eliminate the chance of leakage on any electronic cigarette - if you use 4S e-liquid only this chance will be minimized. But during rapid changes in air pressure or temperature, it’s still possible that leakage will occur as with any other electronic cigarette.

Steps to find the solution:

  • Use LIQUA 4S e-liquid only.

  • Check if there is any physical damage to the pod or battery and replace damaged parts.

  • Verify that the refill plug on the pod is undamaged and properly closed.

  • Clean collected condensation in the battery between battery and pod

  • Reinstall atomizer in the pod.

  • Replace with a new atomizer or pod.

  • Don’t press the button if you’re not making a puff.

  • Don’t make too slow or too long puff.

  • Switch off the device and store it upside down during transportation.

  • Drain liquid from the pod before long-term storage without use.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.

  • Contact the seller for additional help.

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